Arline (Brazil) and Karl (Germany)

This interview was on our We-Evolve.World Facebook on 24 September 2020.


The most relevant points of the discussion are:
  1. The special approach of our 6 associations for NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis, Constellation, Mindfulness, and Positive Psychology is very human growth orientated, where you use the energy of problems as energy for personal growth instead of feeling a victim, where you actively create your life instead of reproducing your past, where you practice living in harmony with your unconscious instead of fighting with it, where you explore your mission in your life that brings you success, growth, and happiness.

  2. The next revolution will be in understanding what it means to be human. Not in more: technology, Artificial Intelligence, Genome Editing, nuclear weapons, Cyborgs, Nanobots, and so on. This will not bring us peace on earth and in our minds. The only solution is for each of us to deeply understand the miracle what it really means to be human. Only on the basis of this understanding we can use technology ethically and for the best of all. The trainings of the Master Trainers in our 6 associations have the power to allow you to experience and learn exactly what it means to be who you are by unfolding your very special unique human potential.

  3. The historical dimention is part of our approach. We are aware of the very special times that we live in and how much the 200.000 years evolution of humankind influences each of us right now. Negative news for example were 200.000 years more important than positive news. Watching if there is a bear of lion around at every minute was essential for survival. So our brain is still old fashioned working and reacts more on negative news. The media, movies, computer games, gossip, hearsay, fake news,... are full of this for it catches your attention best. This strongly influences our emotions, what we perceive, our beliefs, our values, and how we react. There are many lessons to learn from the individual and collective past to create an attractive and peaceful future. Our qualification "Mindfulness Practitioner, In-Me" is based on the 7 intelligences that humankind develloped in the last 200.000 years: 1. Body, 2. Spiritual, 3. Emotional, 4. Cognitive, 5. Creative, 6. Interpersonal, 7. Mindful Intelligence.

  4. Being connected to an University (UCN), doing scientific research, and embracing the spiritual and historical aspects of life is a unique selling proposition (USP) of our 6 associations. Famous members of our associations, like Dr. Nada Kaiser, Dr. Bruce Grimley, Dr. Christian Hanisch, Dr. Lucas Derks, ... scientifically already researched in their dissertations the effectiveness and efficacy of important aspects of their trainings or of relevant foundations.

  5. Mindfulness and Positive Psychology are the latest 2 developed associations. In the last 12 months Karl Nielsen trained already 77 trainers in Mindfulness so that they can offer the new mindfulness trainings that we created. The methods of Positive Psychology are deeply connected with the Mindfulness approach. The world needs more Mindfulness.

  6. Learning from each other and with each other is the foundation of our 6 associations. When our Master Trainers learn from each other this creates the field where our training participants can easily as well learn from each other and support each other. In 2020 we had an integrated NLP Trainer and Coaching training where 11 Master Trainers from Berlin who were competitors sat in the training of each other, learned from each other and gave each other high quality feedback. This wonderful energy was the starting point of founding our associations. In the meantime we orgnized 8 World Congresses where we learned from each other.

  7. The 7 takeaways from the discussion are in the last 7 minutes:
    1. You can use your problems as fuel for solutions and personal growth. Change your point of view when you a confrontend with a problem or a challange. Ask yourself, what you can learn by solving this problem. And then allow yourself to learn and to grow and to unfold your potential.
    2. Mindfulness and Positive Psychology exercises like exploring with a Buddy for 7 days Gratefulness is highly effective. In a few weeks we will publish the procedure how to do it on our Positive Psychology website.
    3. Only if you follow your mission and your calling you can open the doors of self-fulfillment and happiness. Each of us has his Heroe's Journey. In our "Mindfulness Master, In-Me" training the Heroe's Journey together with Mindfulness is the foundation of this qualification.
    4. Focus on being present and deeply connected when you are together with someone else. Really deeply listen when the other one is speaking. Do not think about your answer while you listen. Be connected with the one you listen to.
    5. Change can be very aesthetic. Evolution can be very aesthetic. At any moment of time you can have a deep aesthetic sense of your inner world and harmony. No matter what is outside you can have this deep sense of gratification.
    6. Allow yourself to pause for a moment. Just enjoy how wonderful this is to relax and to pause. Breath in, feel the breath and then experience the intensity of letting go. Your breath will go out from itself. You do not need to do anything. And following your breathing this way will give you such good feelings and a tremendous power.
    7. Look in someone's eyes and experience this amazing power of being connected. This alone is a form of therapy. It is not possible to go into a negative state when you are really connected. So whenever you meet someone who is in any kind of psychic trouble, try this little exercise of connection and ask him to connect while he talks. You will see an amazing effect. And try it as well with people you love to spend time with.